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Protecting Our Police Officers

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Decontamination To Reduce The Chance Of Infection

In most cases, we choose who we are in contact with during this pandemic and can request family/friends to wear masks and keep 6 feet away.   However, this privilege is not afforded our police officers.  In keeping law and order, officers must come in close contact with people who are not practicing safe CDC recommended protocol. Additionally, officers sometimes need to put people in their cruisers where some individuals have retaliated by doing all kinds of offensive actions to the police officer’s car, thus putting them at more risk of infection.  ServiceMaster Apple Valley was happy to become part of the solution with recent decontamination of an entire fleet of police cruisers to help reduce chance of infection.  Using electrostatic sprayer technology, every nook and cranny in the police vehicle is penetrated with virus-killing disinfectant solution.  This helps our valued first responders to be less likely to take infection home to their families.  Thank you Police Officers near and far for all you do to keep our towns safer!  #police #disinfect #covid #safety